“Be yourself, be unique, follow your dreams (no matter how crazy they are) and make this world a better place.”

Hello and welcome to Vali & Co. We are very happy to have you here!

I am Natalia, the founder of Vali & Co and with the help of my very naughty and extremely picky daughter Valeria (Vali) we will bring you carefully handpicked, contemporary, sustainable and comfortable clothes, toys and items for your home and family.  

Born and raised in Russia, but having lived in the UK, France, Spain, and Switzerland, in 2018 we finally decided to return to London and again make it our home. Throughout this journey and after having had my little girl, I decided that I wanted to create a unique space with items that I love and most importantly that my daughter loves.

Vali & Co’s style is playful, colorful, comfortable and unique. Our mission is to seasonally provide parents with a consciously and tastefully selected collection of garments and accessories from designers that embody our ethos. In our time of consumerism and seasonal trends, it is our duty as parents to associate our children to those brands that are in line with our identity and most importantly with our values.   

Welcome to our little family and hope you stay with us through this remarkable journey. With your support we will do our best to gradually make this world a better place for our children by being more conscious about the products that we choose for our families.

With love,

N & V @Vali&Co